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Recycling Guide

Unlike the rest of California, the vast majority of trash here in the Salinas Valley comes from businesses. We all want to be proud of the place where we work and live. In order to make this a reality, businesses like yours will have to take steps to reduce waste. Rather than wandering on your own, SWSWA can help you set a course to do your part for the people and places you care so much about.

Working with SWSWA not only helps you protect the environment, it can help you protect your capital. The results of a Waste Assessment can show you how to save thousands of dollars.


Commercial sources account for 72% of the waste stream

AB 341 - Requiring Mandatory Commercial Recycling

About 75% of California and the Salinas Valley's solid waste generation comes from commercial sources which include businesses, industries, construction/demolition activities and multi-family residential complexes. With the passage of AB 341 on October 6, 2011, businesses are now required to recycle.

What is the purpose of AB 341?

The purpose of the law is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting commercial solid waste to recycling efforts. AB 341 will increase the diversion of commercial solid waste to be recycled, thereby reducing disposal fees for businesses and reclaiming valuable resources. For more information about the new mandatory commercial recycling law, visit the CalRecycle website.

Why Recycle?

Recycling helps conserve natural resources and extends the life of California's landfills. It also helps create a healthy environment for our community and future generations. Recycling saves natural resources, promotes economic growth and recycling-sector job creation, and reduces impacts to global warming.

Who will this affect and what does the new law require?

Commercial businesses that generate four (4) or more cubic yards of solid waste per week, and multi-family residential complexes of five (5) or more units, must implement a recycling program.

When will it go into effect?

Commercial businesses and multifamily units affected by the law will need to implement recycling services by July1, 2012.

Need Assistance?

Salinas Valley Recycles is here to help!
Schedule a FREE Waste Assessment - Call: (831) 775-3007 or Email:Click Here

Affected commercial entities and multi-family residential complexes should contact Salinas Valley Recycles to schedule a FREE Waste Assessment.  Our staff will review currently garbage levels and composition; help your business find ways to divert recyclable materials; and provide service level recommendations to ensure your business is equipped with the proper garbage, recycling and/or yard waste collection services, which may result in disposal cost savings.

Salinas Valley Recycles will also help your business implement a comprehensive recycling program by providing free on-site employee and/or custodial staff training and free indoor recycling infrastructure, such as collection bins, labels and brochures.

At Salinas Valley Recycles, we understand that a succesful recycling program requires continuous outreach and education, so we've created a FREE Business Recycling Training Video! Use it as a resource to help your business set up a new recycling program or enhance your current program. The video is designed to help employees understand how a recycling program works, what items are recyclable, and how to properly divert special types of waste, like bulky items and electronic waste. View the video in English or Spanish from our website or give us a call at (831) 775-3007 to get a FREE electronic copy.